Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

From Good Reads

Let me just call it like I see it- Taylor Swift fanfiction.

You know it. I know it. Delilah Montgomery is young Taylor Swift. Matt is based off one of those Jonas Brothers.

It was mildly entertaining but the style the story was told in was terrible. Mostly because it would switch in the middle of a scene.  One moment the protagonist Reagan, is recounting a scene like she is telling us like a memory but then wham! it’s like on going action that is unraveling in front of you. It’s sporadic and not well done. Even if it was well done that memory/recount into on going action doesn’t work well with contemporary fiction. It works well with Secondhand Lions and The Great Gatsby.

Anyway, the characters were totally predictable and for a story with a character driven plot- double ouch. Not to say that at times it wasn’t mildly entertaining.  I did snort out in laughter at some of the quips and my favorite part of the whole book was the improv lyrics that Matt sang under Reagan’s window.

Matt, Reagan, and Dee plus all the auxiliary characters felt so 2-D because their characters were built off cliches that didn’t deviate from the mold. We were suppose to be given some insight into fame but that didn’t happen either. Though the relationship dynamics of Dee and Reagan are refreshing. It is nice to see two girls that truly get along and help each other. The obligatory fight with Dee and Reagan came out of blue, the content wasn’t believable, and not for one minute did the audience believe it was going do harm to their friendship.

The romantics in this book were boring. Dee’s not relationship with Jimmy was refreshing at first, then her revelation at the end was beautiful but the way the author wrote their eventual confrontation was a disappointment. I thought Dee would embrace her epiphany but instead it seemed like she just picked up where her and Jimmy left off. Reagan’s relationship with Blake was mildly interesting but the audience was left with no doubts about the general events that ended that relationship, learning the specifics was only solidified the evidence. Reagan’s relationship with Matt did not give me any feels.  It had a very predictable order of events with a very predictable resolution. Spoiler: I did hope that Lord would surprise us with an ending that left both girls independent of men and ready to face the world together.

The redeeming quality of this book is that the heroines were not total drips. They did not have completely immature and illogical behaviors. The adults characters did exhibit some adult behaviors which was also nice which is why I am giving the book 3 out of 5 irises.

Three Irises from Positive Creations, dlhorch

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