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Reading Challenge 2015


This year I decided to create myself I a reading challenge. For the purpose of this challenge “read” can mean reading traditionally with text or listening to audio books. Also, some books can fall into multiple categories. For example, if my Cita wants me to read “How To Win Friends and Influence People” in January that also counts a a non-fiction. (He does). 


Reading Challenge 2015

Total Books: 75

Books Of My Cita’s Choosing: 12  

NonFiction: 4

Read 15 Books from the Old Testament (Counts as 1 Book toward the 75)

Only While Exercising: 12

Classics, no rereads: 4

Set In Florida: 2

Set In Prague: 1

Pulitzer Prize Winners: 3 

ReRead: 2

From the Following Genres: 

Historical Fiction-1
Christian Literature-3
Adult Fantasy-4

Non Direct Goals:

Write Reviews: 21

Now this might be a bit sketchy as far as “reading” but I am going to put it in here anyway-

Complete Zombie, Run App

  (Don’t know what that is- review:

To Diversify: 

This year I really hope to read more books told from a male prospective. It feels like every book I pick up in YA has a female lead protagonist. So I quantified my readings for 2014 regardless of audience: 33 were told from a female perspective, 12 from a male, and 23 from both/neither. The both/neither category was strong but I would really like to see stronger representation from the male perspective.

Wish Me Luck! 


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